Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy Visscher products and accessories?

Our products are sold exclusively through our network of authorized dealers. You can find an Authorized Visscher Dealer near you by using the store locator at the top of this page.

Are instructions and hardware included in the package?

Each structure comes complete with step-by-step assembly instructions, fasteners and drill bits for a complete installation. Deviation from the instructions may void the product's warranty.

What tools are needed to install a Visscher structure?

General tools required are: power drill, ladder, rubber mallet, tape measure, 8 foot step-ladder, utility knife and a set of screw drivers. A second ladder is useful to help with lifting parts and panels.

What preparation is needed for the site?

The structure must be installed on a firm, level surface. Contact your Visscher Distributor for the weight of a particular structure if needed.

Who can install a Visscher structure?

We recommend a crew of at least two carpenters to complete the installation of a structure.

How long does it take to assemble a Visscher structure?

The time it takes for assembly varies from model to model, but expect a full work day for most of our fully enclosed units.

Will I need a building permit for my Visscher structure?

We recommend that you contact your local building or planning department to inquire about the regulations in your area.

How long is the warranty on a Visscher structure?

Each Visscher product is backed with a one-year limited warranty with an industry-leading ten-year limited warranty on roofing sheets. Please visit our warranty page for our up-to-date limited warranty sheet.

Can I buy replacement parts for a structure I currently own?

In most cases, yes. We do carry parts for all current models and some discontinued models. Please visit your Authorized Visscher Dealer for pricing and availability. Please make note of the serial number of your structure as it will be required by Visscher.

Where do I find my serial number?

You will find the serial number on a plaque found on a truss frame piece or a skylight frame piece.

Do I need to remove the snow from the roof and skylight?

Yes, we strongly recommend removing all snow from the roof structure. Please refer to the snow removal tag found beside the structure's serial number.

Should I remove the drapes over the winter season?

We strongly recommend removing drapes in the winter seasons in cold and snowy climates. Doing so will increase the lifespan of the material.

Do I need to anchor my Visscher Structure?

While not required, anchoring your structure to a firm platform is one way to prevent damage caused by environmental factors such as high winds. Visit the Warranty section of our website for more information:

Visscher Products

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Protect your guests from the elements and let the warm breeze through

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Add some privacy to your outdoor living space

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My wife and I purchased our Jacuzzi hot tub and Visscher gazebo package from Club Piscine Ottawa last year and love how they complete our yard! The quality and service has been excellent and we were able to enjoy our tub all winter no matter the weather, thanks to the gazebo! We’d recommend a Visscher product to anyone wanting a backyard structure.

Jason M., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada